You Southern Boys .........

Started by Tenpoint5, November 29, 2010, 05:06:31 PM

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Just saw this Chris.  Not bad for being up there in corn country.  Looks good.  I don't make it much more for my friends, it has gotten to the point that if I don't include hash browns, eggs, green chilis, bacon, etc... they are not satified!
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Aww no son you dun gone and messed it up..  ;)

Like said befo you use the bulk sausage. 

Never crumble da biscuits  you just slice them in half for shore.

Gravy looks good I prefer mine sawmill style.

Looks good.  Glad to see on the 150yr anniversary the N/S feud continues.   ;D


Standles when ya gots lots of gravy and are short on biscuits you do what cha gots ta do make the most of it!! Same with the snausage Use what ya got!! ;D

Oh yeah gotta keep the feud going in fun at least
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Oh heck... I'd eat me a plate of that!!!

Y'all calm down...
He's just a yankee.  He ain't a damn yankee...
(He ain't MOVING south.)

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