Cabinet not heating up

Started by stevo133080, July 30, 2014, 10:44:31 AM

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I have has a OBS now for a few years,  use it about once a month and have loved it so far.  Anyways last week I smoked up some Orange Chicken breasts.  Smoked up great and when they were done I turned down the smoker.  I went back out about an hour later to heat it up and clean up a little bit and the Cabinet wasn't heating up.  Not sure if its the element or something else.  The light doesn't come on on the bottom of the cabinet,  and there is no heat coming from the element.  The smoker box lights up and heats up the biscuit burner.  Has anybody has this problem before?  I've checked the cord from the smoker box to the cabinet,  and it all seems fine.  Is there somewhere else I should take apart to check connections?   I would buy a new heat element,  but I wasn't sure if that was the problem since the light doesn't come on the bottom of the cabinet.

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I've had that problem, and it was due to a burnt out circuit board that was damaged do to a crack in the faceplate just above the slider switch; which allow moisture in.

But another cause could be that you high temperature switch shut down the smoker. It generally will reset was the cabinet cools down, but they do malfunction and need to be replaced. If you look inside the cabinet, you will see a quarter size disc toward the top left of the cabinet. Sometimes placing an ice cube on that will reset the sensor.

A third cause could be that you may have blown your inline fuse, and that may need to be replaced. Any of the above parts can be ordered from yard and pool. The high temperature switch, and inline fuse can only be accessed by taking off the back panel. If you have a multi meter, you can test for continuity before and after the sensor, and the inline fuse.

There is a rare possibility that it may be a bad heating element, but if the element had malfunctioned, the pilot light on the face plate would still light up, if the element was bad. If you have a multi meter you can test the resistance of the element. disconnect one wire of the element and test the resistance. I can't recall off the top my head but I believe it should read 20 - 32 OHMs

Almost all replacement parts can be purchased form Yard & Pool