First Timer! 9lb boston butt feedback?

Started by Ostranza, December 16, 2010, 10:48:29 PM

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Keep us updated on the progress. . . and remember DO NOT push the temp highter to get to your internal temp.  The 'stall' process does take some time and on a 9 pounder may take a little longer than some others.  Just be patient and wait for it.  I usually plan in at least 24 hours from placing in the smoker to taking out (has taken longer too).  Also be sure to FTC (foil-towel-cooler) the beast for 2-3 hours after taking out of the smoker, this helps retain the moisture and is 'key' to success.  I have left in the cooler for up to 5 hours and you will still burn your fingers when pulling.

A side note - once pulled the temp lowers quite quickly, so you may want to keep in a warm oven to hold the temp if serving right away.  Also if adding sauce - pull. don't shred, when tossing with sauce the meat will continue to fall apart giving the shredded appearance.

I also don't recommend trying to salvage those pucks the dog ate  :o


Good tips! So heres the pics of my final product. Only had the vent cracked enough to allow the temp probe ot come out this time but final IT was 180 and smoker temp maintained around 235 most the time. Only opened door 2 times in 15hrs. Interested to see what happens when I get IT to 190 and open the vent a little more. This one didn't seem too smoky though, just right enough to taste! Nobody including me touched the BBQ sauce even on second helpings!

Huge hit at work. Everyone commented and one guy pretended to steal one tupperware full of the leftovers and I just said make sure I get that tupperware back! He was ecstatic and said Really?! Alright!


Nice job on that butt.  Bark looks good.  Keep that vent open.  You want the moisture to escape.

Way to go!! 


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