give me turkey instructions please

Started by canada, December 23, 2010, 03:13:32 PM

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I know lots of posts about turkeys..
but looking for the cut and dry directoins for turkey smoking.
in an obs.
I have a 18pd bird for the time.

Do I brine? if so how?
next how long should I smoke for... smoke going the entire time?
what flavours are best?



nevermind men  this poultry area has all i need  thanks for prev info


I just placed my second turkey in brine for about 24 hours and here are the two links I've used to get me on the right track. I did a 7 lb chicken as an experiment to begin with and was very happy with it and the Thanksgiving Day bird.

I added honey, Worcestershire sauce and two bay leaves and used lemon pepper and thyme in the place of tarragon, black pepper and soy sauce. (Use what you like and have on hand). It worked for me!

This is the link I'm following to smoke my 10.5 lb turkey starting Saturday morning. I'm thinking 6-7 hours and will use apple and pecan (2-1) for the whole smoke!;topicseen

That's my plan!

Good luck!