A few Canadian like questions eh

Started by StickyDan, December 28, 2010, 10:40:19 PM

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Ok, so first off, I hope everyone here has been enjoying the Holiday Season.   I've been to busy to post lately but still lurking a little.  Gotta a little time on my hands so I figure it's SMOKIN' time.   

I'm looking for frog mats in Canada.  Does anyone sell them here? 

What about an extra set of BDS racks?

Same goes for bubba pucks.  Available in Canada?   Also, while we're at it, can you please remind me how many pucks I need.  Is it three?   

I know this stuff is available from yard and pool but I'd rather not have to deal with the border...

I've got some salmon in the brine right now.  Trying Kumok's recipe for the first time and I hope to get it all smoked tomorrow. 
I'm doing a couple store bought wild sockeyes for myself.  I'm also doing some pink salmon for a friend plus he asked me to try some Rooster fish that he caught in Mexico - pretty cool looking fish with really brown, almost steak-like meat. 


Being far removed from Canada I can't help you except to say that yes, it's three Bubba pucks.
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On the Bradley site there is a dealer locator that will help you locate the extra racks. Maybe if you search eBay you may find a Canadian supplier.
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Thanks guys.  I tried the dealer locator and it's not very accurate.  There's a few places around here that sell Bradley stuff and they don't come up on the search.  Oh well, looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and order them unless anyone else has any ideas.

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Welcome from a fellow Canuck
I have never seen frog mats here
Pucks....  I got a guy to slice me up some scrap aluminum about the same size as Bradley puck
I think it cost me 5 bucks all tolled
Ideally you need 3 but you can get away with 2

Try Ontario BBQ, they have a comprehensive web site and will ship anywhere

getting the stuff across the border is challenge.  The freight is ridiculous and the duty, taxes and brokerage are insane

extra racks and stuff like that you can order from Bradley, they are Canadian eh !  BC boys
All I wanted to do was slow smoke some ribs.  Another addiction created thanks to the Bradley that requires regular servicing...  But what an addiction to have.  Even better to share here with some of the best people on the planet.

Would you like smoke with that sir ?


Dan, please let me know is you find Bubba pucks in Canada. I'm also interested in buying some!



Jim O

I've never been able to find Bubba Pucks ( 3 needed)  or frog mats in Canada.

I got mine from Yard and Pool,and they sent in a brown,padded 8 1/2 x 11 envelope,and I don't even think it was noticed at the border.

It was delivered with no additional  charges etc.

My original order was for only 2 frog mats. I should'a got 4 !

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Thanks Jim O,

I think i'll order them from Yard & Pool then.

I'll send a post to Bryan to see how much the shipping would cost.



Try CDN tire for the racks as for the pucks call a machine shop and see if they have 2" alum round stock and get 3 cut at 1/2" enjoy......


I know Crappy Tire sells the smokers but I've never seen just the racks there.   Have you?


Yard and pool will treat you well thats where i got mine from.


BTW - I just packed up all the salmon and rooster fish for a freezer nap.  This is only the 3rd or 4th time I've smoked fish.  Kumocks recipe is awesome.  It's got all the right flavors and it's not to over powering.  Very tasty SO,  a big thanks to Kumock.  The rooster fish however is very interesting.  It looked like a pale colored beef jerky and was very similar to beef in texture and  taste.  Not fishy at all.  I even thought it might taste a little muddy because of it's very brown color but to my surprise, it's really good.  Maybe even better than the salmon. 


Frog mats are not in Canada yet. I have talked to the Wellscan guys where I get my pucks and they are looking at bringing them in. For now I got some silicone baking mats and punched holes in them with a leather punch(1/2"holes). They seem to work good so far.

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purchased mine there a few years ago,if they don't have them,see if they will order you in some,they are dealer after all,if not go direct to Bradley  and order them there


Quote from: StickyDan on December 29, 2010, 09:07:22 PM
I know Crappy Tire sells the smokers but I've never seen just the racks there.   Have you?

a little late on my reply here, but yes, Canadian Tire sells the extra racks.

they're $20 and the box looks something like this:

hope this helps!

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