Bradleys Response to warranty.

Started by Smoking Jim, January 14, 2011, 03:59:29 AM

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Smoking Jim

Hi all.
I Had A problem with my DTDS108CE smoke generator after 6 months the bisquette advancer would only retract half way when the tower temp reached 120f  the bisquetts would fall in on an angle causing them to jam after cleaning and further investigation i worked out that the processor was at fault, it would work all day at lower temp. Contacted bradley and brian emailed me, what a very obliging person he contacted Mark who is the australian distributor that i did not know, mark emailed  and then phoned me we discused the problem and the next day a new smoke generator delivered to my business,these guys could not do enough to help what a fantastic company and people to be associated with i recomend the bradley to every body, i think some other companies should take a leaf out of there book. Just my thoughts. i love my bradley, Smoking Jim.


Hi Jim,
I agree.  The support in the UK from the distributor here is good too.


Jim sorry to hear you had the problem but you are right, Brian and the Bradley folks are top notch


Truer words were never spoken. They go all the way to stand behind their product. Once again Bradley and Brian, you guys rock.
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I've never had better service than Bradley.  I wish I could go to Brian for all of my appliances.  :D
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the service from Auber on the PID is right up there with Bradley. I returned a PID for warranty repair, they received it on a Monday afternoon, is was repaired and back on my front porch that Friday morning ( in the smoker 5 minutes later with some sausage ::) )
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