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Started by RobertBarnett, August 18, 2005, 02:09:02 AM

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In another topic I started it was mentioned that people like to smoke cheese with thier BS. I would love to try that, especially with some good local Jack Cheese with hot peppers.

Can someone share some instructions for doing this in the BS?




Sure.  Gotta <font color="red">smoke</font id="red"> that
<font color="blue"><b>CHEESE</b></font id="blue">

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I have to say, that cheese is one of the other great things that make you look like a genius...(and the apple cake!)

What a piece of work is man!


RB, I didn't look thru those other links so not sure if this was touched on, but when I smoked cheese I thought it tasted like a campfire until I wrapped it in saran and let it mellow in the refrig for a few days.  Then it was wonderful!
Cold smoke it for not more than an hour IMO.


Here is a picture of my cold smoke set up.

Here is a picture of the Watkins setup.

Have your vent adjusted before starting. If you adjust the vent during the smoke, you will get black specks all over your cheese.

I smoke a variety of cheese each time. I usually put in about 8-10 pounds and my neighbor usually brings over some cheese to smoke also.
I like to smoke with Pecan for about 2 - 2.5 hours. Alder also was a nice flavor. We preferred these over the apple or the hickory for cheese.
I usually like the ambient temp no more than 75 - 80 degrees. I unplug the power to the cabinet also.
We really enjoy smoked cheese. My wife and daughter put it on just about everything. Snacking on, salads, cheese sands, grilled cheese sands, warm flour tortillas wraps etc....

I usually cut the pieces to about 10 oz size so there is more surface for the smoke to adhere.

Try it, you'll like it!!![;)][:p][:D]

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