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Started by Modgulator, August 10, 2014, 10:29:26 PM

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So I've had my Bradley smoker for a few years and it's always worked fine but now the generator doesn't smoke the pucks? Took it apart and everything looks fine, fuse looks fine and the pucks advance as they should but the edge of the conveyor doesn't get hot just warm to the touch? Can I replace anything other than the generator itself or anything to try before I get that far? Thank you.


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Hi Matthew;

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You can replace the bisquette burn, but before you order one just double check to make sure the electrical connection to the burner is tight. Often when the burner goes out, the generator will trip you GFCI. You can also test the burner by using an OHM meter, I can't remember the readings you should get, but someone should be around to provide those to you.

I didn't see that part listed on Yard & Pool, but you can order one directly by calling Bradley.




If you have a multimeter detach the wires to the burner and check the resistance through it.  A working burner should read around 115 ohms.  The burner is rated at 125W.

125W / 120V = 1.04A

120V / 1.04A = 115.3 ohms


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im needing this part right now!! my bisquette burner has buggered out! im searching everywhere for the part! where can i order one?? bradley here in New Zealand dosnt supply parts for the counter top smoker!!! Can any1 point me in the right direction