Landjaeger Hanging

Started by NePaSmoKer, March 15, 2011, 05:45:35 AM

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Looks great. Nice job on the jig.


Thanks everyone.

Took this at 1140am. R/H is 67% and they are getting darker.


I think you should send some of those up here to Canada and I will take them to the large Menonite community we have and let them try them to make sure they are good.

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howlin favorite snack,do you have a non secret recipe?
if cows didn't taste so good ,they would be extinct


Those are lookin good  :o I was wondering if you were going to do the RH thing ;) I have to pay closer attention to this one


Pic taken at 750pm

They got darker.

Hi Rick,

    The pictured landjaeger looks fantastic! Excellent job. Typically you want the landjaeger to lose approximately 40% of its initial weight but nearly all sausage is food safe when it loses 30% of its initial weight (aka. Green Weight).

    I'm guessing you didn't weigh the sausages after stuffing... fear not! I don't recall if you said if the sausages were smoked AND cooked to 145 - 152F? If they were cooked, you can hang them in the current environment for 1-2 weeks. If they were smoked but never reached cooked temperature internally, 3-4 weeks. Yes, it is quite a long time and I'm judging by the picture that they were 40-45MM casings, with that thickness it generally takes that long to reduce the water content (which is the weight). The reduced water content inhibits bacterial growth and shouldn't be skipped. They look great and patience here really is a virtue.. be strong! The sausage will develop even more flavor over this span of time and will be amazing. Good luck Rick and wonderful job.


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seemore sausagemaker said was good looking then your the man.................... :o
p:s they do look great............