Corned Beef Round?

Started by squirtthecat, March 14, 2011, 08:36:55 AM

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I've never seen these before, and now every store in town has them on sale.    It is a cured eye of round roast (rather than a brisket flat/point).

Has anyone tried one before?   I'm thinking it will cook faster than the brisket..

I'm going to toss it in the pressure cooker tonight w/ a bottle of Guinness, and see what comes out.



Quote from: KyNola on March 14, 2011, 08:50:41 AM
Pastrami Round!

If they are still on sale, I'm going to grab a couple more this week and stash in the freezer.   They are selling corned beef points for $1.49/lb (!!) - but they are waaayyy too fatty for our taste..

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I haven't, but I know Mike (Mr. Walleye) makes his pastrami using rounds, because they are more tender and you don't have to bring the internal temperature as high.



Thanks Habs.  I usually steam a corned beef flat for an hour in my pressure cooker.  I'll let this one run for 45 minutes tonight and then (carefully) sneak a peek..


I have used corned beef round for years for my "Boiled Dinner" with all the veggies, cabbage, potatoes, celery, carrots, kohlrabi, turnips, parsnips, and rutabagas..
Making two huge kettles this coming Saturday for the family gathering.

Have never tried smoking a corned beef, has anyone, and if so how, and what were the results?
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I cold smoked one, then steamed it...     Turned out great.


I have been using the rounds the last few times I have cured corned beef, I can buy whole eye of round cheaper than brisket.  It cooks up very well and works great for slicing for is not nearly as fatty.  It is thicker and I usually cure for 7-10 days.  The first one I cured for 5 days and I had a brown circle in the middle where you could see and taste that the cure had not made it to.  It was funny because we had a corned beef and roast beef all out of the same cut of meat.

This has actually become my "goto" cut of meat for jerky, corned beef/pastrami, smoked sliced beef.  I find it hard to beat for the price and many uses.  I have paid anywhere from $1.99/lb to 2.69/lb depending on the market/going rate for whole cryovac rounds.



We grew our own kohlrabi for years, used to pick them raw and eat, they are really good when young.  Most people don't know what they are, but they sure are good in a boiled dinner.
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I ended up steaming in my pressure cooker it for 50 minutes w/ a bottle of Guinness...    Tasty.
I'm going back to the store to clear out the rest of them today.

Quote from: schneep on March 15, 2011, 09:39:44 PM
Most people don't know what they are, but they sure are good in a boiled dinner.

I still don't know what it is!  :D (off to Google..)

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Corned Beef Round sounds great.  To the best of my knowledge I don't recall ever seeing one but will start looking for some.

I take it a Corned Beef Round is a bit leaner than a Corned Beef flat?!
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Yeah, it was very lean and tender.  Made some nice slider sammies..

It was pretty well trimmed, so I put it fat side down into the pressure cooker. (suspended over the boiling cauldron of Guinness)   Any remaining fat just melted away.

I figured it would cook quicker since it is so lean, but it is almost 3X thicker than a brisket, so it ended up taking the same amount of time.