cold outside- smoking a 13 pound turkey then oven

Started by dumoch126, February 05, 2011, 04:01:05 PM

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I live in Ct where it has been rather cold. Will prob only get the smoker up to about 205. Brined....
If I smoke it for about 4 hours and try to get IT to 145, how long will I need in the oven at 350 so I can time it out for supe bowl.?
also is it realistiv that in 4 hours at 200-205 I can get it to 145ish?

Help, its cold out there!


I did a 12 lb turkey at 225 and it took 7 hrs in the Bradley
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due to the cold weather, wont get to 225, so need to smoke and oven... lookin for suggestions. thanks

Ka Honu

I rarely put more than 2-3 hours of smoke on a turkey using a Bradley.  At that point (regardless of the IT), I'd either move it to the oven or finish it in TBE/SRG.  Rough guess (and it's only a guess) is that you'd need another 2-2½ hours in the oven (and you can fudge it a bit one way or the other by adjusting oven temp as necessary).

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Today you should be having temperature in the mid 30°F's. I agree; apply 2 to 3 hours of smoke at the highest temperature you can get the Bradley. Then I would move it directly to the oven and finish cooking as you would normally roast a turkey in the oven. I would guess this method would add 1 - 2 hours of extra time (depending on how much smoke is applied), over roasting it fully in the oven, but again that is also a guess.

If the turkey gets done early I don't recommend FTC'ing a turkey, the skin will get soggy. If you are done early, and don't need the oven space you can keep the turkey warm in the oven. Set the oven at 150°F; if your oven doesn't have that low of a setting then set it at the lowest setting your oven has. Rub the turkey generously with butter, loosely tent the turkey with foil, and place it in the oven; reapply butter every 30-45 minutes. I have used this method for up to 90 minutes, but note I take my turkey up to 165°F, measured at the thigh.



The first chicken I smoked I did it when it was under -20C - to get it up to temperature I wrapped up my smoker and it didn't take long for it to get up there.

smokey dog

I live in Manitoba and installed an extra element just above the orginal element on a separate cord so I can plug it in when the weather is cold to get the bradley up to temperature. Also I have installed an additional temperature probe though the wall of the bradley because I found the digital read out and the actual temperature can vary more than 20 degrees


Smokey Dog - I live in Manitoba as well and really like the idea of an extra element - what kind of element did you use?