Brick in OBS

Started by gbritten_nh, March 27, 2011, 10:18:21 AM

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I now have a brick in the smoker, and have had 2 smokes with it in use.  I am real impressed with the recovery time, seems to be 5 minutes or so even when opening the door 3x to check & change water in bowl.  I might add 2 broken parts of bricks once the snow melts and I can find more bricks!

The brick is on the floor to the right (from the door side) of the bowl, below the V tray.

Also, the Bradly preheats in less than 45 minutes even with the brick in it.  I am certainly not going to mess around with preheating the brick unless at some future time I have the OBS near a wood stove which is running, but for now that is not my setup.


try installing the second element. You will be even more impressed.
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