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Started by viper125, May 25, 2011, 08:36:53 AM

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Ok sorry if I already asked this but old age sure dosn't help the old memory. Looking at building a single PID. Besides haveing a 2 probe to see it of meat and shutting of at done it,what features do you loose. I can use an remote themometer to do that. Will I still be able to ramp the temps or what.
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Inside setup.


You will still be able to ramp up/down the temps by time but not by IT of the meat. Having a dual probe allows you to change cabinet according to IT of meat or by time. A single probe just takes cabinet temps and controls temperature steps by time...
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Yes but does any one control cabinet temps by IT if so why? I figured other than to watch the it you would only use it to shut off smoker at a certain it. Just trying to get things straight in my mind. Sorry for the stupid questions but have read a lot and dont seem to be getting all the answers I want.
A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.



I control the cabinet by watching the IT of the meat.  I will give you an example:
Pork shoulder / Boston Butt
Cabinet temp is set at 190 until the IT is 155
Then cabinet temp goes to 215 until IT is 192
Then unit shuts off.  I believe that shoulders and briskets start to render around 160 IT (that is they begin to let go of their oh so special juices).  So, instead of letting the meat drip for a couple hours unnecessarily, I shoot the temp up to put the last 30-40 degrees on it.  I am sure that not everyone thinks this way, but it works for me.

Most importantly, by having the PD watch the internal temp of the meat, you can reduce heat or shut off the cabinet heat when the program IT is reached.  This compensates for just about any variables that time programming cannot compensate for such as:

cut of meat was thinner than the last one I smoked, I wonder how long this one will take to cook?
a little more wind or shade today than last time..............
a lot less humid today than when I cooked last week....................and so on.

Basically, when it's done, its done - regardless of what worked on the last "go round".  I know that you can monitor the IT with one of the many remote thermometers on the market.  But what if you are not around when the IT is reached?  If you are not standing next to your smoker when the IT is reached, you have the assurance that it is not going to run past your favorite temp and start drying or overcooking your meat, or worse yet, have your smoker shut off before that ideal temp is reached.

You can set the PD to drop the cabinet box temp down to a warming temp (130*+/-) for several hours after the desired IT is reached. This works well in the event that you want to use your Bradley as a warming box until you are ready to serve.
I have a pretty busy lifestyle, and the dual probe unit "unchained" me from the smoker - especially during the final few hours of cooking.

Does that help at all?


Ok yes that helps a lot. I was thinking just ramp temps till it got close and then watch it. I think your idea would be better though. Thank you!
A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.