Started by zipclean, October 19, 2005, 11:25:20 PM

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Anyone out there have any good,easy to come by, ideas where I can get a 500 or 750watt 120v heater for the Bradley?? Saw a post of a bread maker heater but can't find one.Any other ideas?? Thanx


I have but in a 250 watt salamander heater and have posted it on this sight but I can't find the think. I will try to look for it. I use this heater when I load up the Bradley with 30 pounds of pork butt. I feel that 250 watts is enough, 500 would be OK. 750 watts seems like an over kill unless you get the element free.



Here is a picture of my heater.


Hey Brad, the cost for the 750w Salamander is the same as the 250w  $31.25.  Why not just get rid of the BS stock heater and put in the 750 or the 1000w Salamander??[;)][;)]


You are right about the cost of the salamander, I never thought about removing the Bradley element and putting in a higher wattage salamander. I just wanted some extra heat when I needed it. It is working the way I want it to. With the lower wattage I believe you get a more even heat.



Where can I buy a salamander heater? Also CAR54, did you wire it together with your bradley heater or set it up so you can use it only when you need it?


Brad, I didn't consider improved heat distrib with multiple heaters.  Good idea.

Zip, here's a link for the Salamanders:

Chez Bubba


Looks like you might be melting your door seal, might want to place an insulation brick in the front as well.??

Just a thought, cool idea![:)]

Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


Chez Bubba,

 I checked the gasket and it is not melting but it should probably be protected with another brick.

 Thanks for your insight, Brad

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I really think that thse of you using methods to increase the temperature of the smoker are just pushing your luck just a little. these smokers are not meant to be used as ovens. they are very well known for there SLOOOOW ROASTING CAPABILITIES and messing with the temperature could cause a serious problem inside your smoker. Trust me, I had it done to me and it wasnt a pretty sight, my rage I carried that is. I almost set fire to my house. I suppose that that is why they have specifically designed the smoker to be the way they are or they would have created a smoker with an element that could produce more heat.

Well a good melted smoker and a good chat with the with the guy upstairs straightened me up real good . Now i know not to tamper with the heat or manifacture presets for specific resons.

Guess thats all part of being the great one.


I certainly plan on adding a salamander to increase heat in both of my Bradley's.  The issue has never been to pump the heat up to make it into an oven, but just to get the temp up to smoking temp a little quicker once the door is opened to change out the water or rotate the shelves.  My max heat will never exceed 210 unless I am doing chicken wings for a couple of hours at 275°.  The big problem has always been getting it to 275° with a full cabinet. The stock element just doesn't cut it and it is just too easy to change out to improve it.


<i>There is room on earth for all God's creatures....on my plate next to the mashed potatoes.</i>
There is room on earth for all God's creatures....right on my plate next to the mashed potatoes.

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i hear you on that but still id prefer it cooking at 200 than at 250 degrees for say. just becouse through experience i know that the end results will be "the bomb" flavour and well worth the wait.

but i guess its everyone to his own right.


Nice job Car54.... Bill I can fully understand your need when it comes to a full box chicken wings... the moisture must be a heat killer for sure.


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Aloha everyone

I have an old sausage 20# smoker... I want to use the generator with the it and modified it to accept the generator.  But......the hot plate (1000 watt round electric burner) is right under the puck burner and when using it...the water burns up and boils away leaving my pucks to drop in sometime a dry pan...(Oh yeah..I have to use another pan for the water..more shallow but not too shallow.)not to say a bad situation at the this is acting as a steamer as well....sooooooo my question is..."is there somewhere where I could buy the type element like that in the Bradley?  Or, would a 1000 watt salamander type work if I braced it against the back wall of the smoker.  I really hate to get rid of the works great and I want to use it as an extra source for large smokes.  (you know...2 smokers are better than one...or heads?)
Your help as always is great...


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Just a quick reminder to all contemplating adding heating capacity that there is a built-in shut-off in the BS when it hits about 320F . . . shouldn't be a problem if folks are paying attention to the temp, but the box temp could pretty easily hit 320+ during a pre-heat.

Newton MA
Newton MA