Auber IT probe emergency

Started by 40-Dan, July 03, 2011, 11:09:51 AM

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I just put tomorrow's brisket on, and my IT probe reads -H- on both inputs. Anyone know how to fix or where to get replacement?  HD or Lowe's doesn't sound likely.


The only place I know of to get the probe is Auber. It is funny that both are "H". try switching them, try pushing them hard into the pid. by any chance did you soak them. If you get the part where the wire and probe meet wet it ruins the probe. Some have had luck when it dried out.
Only other suggestion is to smoke it in the bradley and then put in the oven.
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I'm sure I killed it when I washed it after my first smoke w/ the auber on Fathers Day. At little detail about care could have been publicized.

I picked up a $20.00 remote thermometer with an alarm from Lowe's. I'll just keep the cabinet at 220 (that part fortunately still works) and let the remot thermometer tell me when it's time to FTC.  Sort of a change from automatic to semi-automatic.


You could try putting the probes in your oven at about 250 degrees for an hour and see if it dries out any moisture in them.  It works great for my battery powered bicycle lights, although I only leave those in for 15 minutes.