July 3rd SOS help

Started by marsha, July 03, 2011, 02:27:40 PM

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I am a newbie.  I just smoked 3 briskets and a Turkey and they are perfect.  Moist and tasty.  However my guests aren't arriving for 3 more hours.  WHAT NOW?  Do I just turn down the temp or should I take them out.  Please advise

I don't want to ruin this now :)

Bradley (Head Office)

Hello Marsha

I would wrap the briskets in a couple layers of alum foil and then wrap them with a towel they will keep for a few hours just fine.

As for the turkey cover it with foil and keep it in the oven at a very low temp to keep it warm.



FTC.  Wrap in Foil, then in a Towel and put them in a Cooler or the microwave. This will hold the temps for a few hours. Welcome to the forum!


oh thank you so much!!!

I wrapped them and put them in the microwave.  they taste wonderful.  Turkey is in foil and in the oven.

My cat looks like he could be  your cats daddy :)

Thanks for the quick response, great advice and for the welcome


welcome to the forum and the others have you  set up


marsha....really glad someone could help you and saved the day, sure would like to find out how your guests like your briskets and turkey...
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