To Freeze or not to Freeze?

Started by Steve81, July 06, 2011, 01:23:29 PM

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Hey all,

I have 3 butts in the OBS as I type this (Wednesday) they should be done tonight or tomorrow morning....they arent going to be served until sunday at dinner time..... Is that too long to just put them in the fridge? Should i frezz them after FTC| and they have been pulled instead?

thanks guys

Ka Honu

I'd probably vac-pac and refrigerate after FTC.  Someone smarter may well give you a different answer but that's the way I'd go.



I usually make my butts a day or two ahead of time. I FTC, pull, then bag and refrigerate. I heat up in a crock pot, others have put in a covered pan with some beef stock and in the oven and have had great results.
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