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Started by thostorey, November 05, 2005, 07:06:48 AM

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Hi! My first posting here. My BS arrives tomorrow and, although I've use a Little Chief for salmon and jerky, I think the Bradley is going to be a little different with a bit of a learning curve. I'm thinking of trying some form of pork, ribs maybe, as a first attempt. I'd like it to be something that dosen't take too long and that would be a little forgiving should I goof a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks for any input.

Tom in Qualicum Beach


Tom at the beach... [:D]

First welcome to the forums. Next, other than getting a handle on setting the heat to the level you want there really are on a few things to do.

1. The maximum smoking period should not exceed 4 hours. After that the Bradley becomes a slow roaster.
2. At the four hour mark make sure to change out the water bowl.
3. Make sure the V shaped pan is pointing downward like this: V and not upward like this: /  If place in wrong all of the drippings will run out the door and short out your unit. [xx(]
4. Make sure the vent at the top is opened just enough to prevent the smoke from coming out around your generator.
5. When done remove generator turn it upside down and lightly tap on it to remove the any lose wood pieces.
6. Wipe down door seal.

Now for something easy to do and is different I would suggest the bacon wrapped chicken breast. There are a few variation on the recipe site. This one is pretty easy:

<b><font color="blue">Chicken Wrap</font id="blue"></b>

Again, welcome to the forums and do let us know how things turn out for ya~~! [^]


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Welcome Tom! Now there'll be 2 Toms from Vancouver Island on the BS board--excellent! Olds' recipe looks good for a starter recipe--I've never tried that one but after looking at the picture of his finished product, I'm going to have to. Another suggestion for a starter dish might be pulled pork. It's a very forgiving recipe to try and you will be a culinary hero! Just do a search on the board for pulled pork and you'll see lots of posts on the subject. Did you suffer any in the wind storm this week? (Olds will be looking down his Floridian nose at our piddly wind storms here)