Bout to Check some Performance on my new OBS

Started by cajunboudreaux, September 14, 2011, 06:58:27 AM

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Just waiting on the new parts to get here today and it is game on.

have a great day everyone! ;D
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With all that food I hope the parts make it :o

That should make for a great spread though :)
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LOL. If not I will be firing up the big boy.. Or just smoke @ 150 for 20 hours and finish on grill. ;)..
The Chickens are for BeerButt on the Grill.. Injected with Garlic juice,onion juice,slap yo mama hot seasoning,JB&B hot&spicy bbq,half bottle of allegro hot&spicy marinade..
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What new parts?  Thought I read in an earlier post where you replaced the puck burner element, tower heating element and slider as they were defective when you took your new OBS out of the box. 

Are you adding an additional heating element or PID or something?


The new puck burner element came in first so i replaced that. The main element and slider havent arrived yet so I am using just the heat from the generator. I am adding a new PID but i am still a little nervous about adding the higher output elements.

Kynola. I see you are from Paducah. I have a friend that is from there she is a Professional Bass Angler and Country Singer named Sondra Rankin..
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Sorry Bobby, read one of your other posts incorrectly.  Now I get it.

Don't know Sondra Rankin but as a coincidence another member here, Hal4UK, is also a Paducah native.


No problem, my writing is often wrong as well. Doesn't always go down like I want it to on paper. Must be the accent.  ;D
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Thats gonna be a bunch of gooood eats,,,,,,,,cant wait to see the money shot'ssssss.


Dang that's going to be a big feast.

Hope em' parts come in today.
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I dont know if i get it  :o

If your burner and stuff was bad right outta the box how did the smoker get so black?


Because the day I received the smoker, I opened the box put it together,plugged it in. I placed pucks in the tube and hit advance 3 times. Set the slider mid-way. Notice that the first puck was half way done, felt the puck element and it was not hot. i opened the generator box and made sure everything was plugged in. turned it back on and it worked for a few more pucks going on and off thru the process. I called bradley (frank) right away and he sent me a new element. I replaced that and it worked fine. then i noticed the smoker not getting hot and the power coat coming off the generator with the inside of the box flaking. I slid the slider all the way to the right and didn't see a glow. so I disconnected the box and plugged it in directly and still No main element. I spoke with Frank and he sent me a new Slider. then after talking to Brian the next morning he said it was probably both the element and the slider ever though the light on my slider was working. So Brian had me call Frank back and send out a main element. This being why i said all 3 parts were bad out of the box.. Brian and Frank helped me through this entire ordeal within a few days time. Now does this make sense are or you still shocked?? The smoker got black because the generator element was working from time to time. I replaced the generator element and it worked fine and smoked like a charm making the box even more black.
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And i was kidding about smoking at 150 for 20 hours too.. hence the words firing up the big boy... just incase you were all wondering. ;D
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