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Started by irish_smoker, May 25, 2011, 12:11:36 PM

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We're under a thunderstorm/tornado warning right now so I have to pull my butts before they are up to temp to get them in the oven.  Is there any harm in taking them directly from the smoker to the oven and leaving them on the bradley racks (as well as on the frog mats)?  Got the oven set to 220, 1 butt got up to 195 before FTC and the other three are currently sitting in the oven.



Naw, you should be fine.
Just put a pan or something under them..

Stay safe!


Yep, I put a couple alum pans under them...cool.  Never had to finish in the oven before, damn Indiana weather!

thanks for the quick reply squirt.


Definitely no problem.  I finish them in the oven quite often.


I've done that a few times.

I flip the rack over (leave the frogmat under the butt) that raises the butt to keep it from "deep fat frying"
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Thanks a LOT!  I also had 2 butts in the smoker.
You sent that bad weather over to see me!  Actually it stayed just north of me. 
2 butts in Tuesday at 1PM and hit 190 Wednesday at 4PM  FTC'd for 3 hours and pulled.  Now they're all packed up and on their way to Maryland for my brother to try.. . . boy I'm gonna miss them  :'(