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Started by Fisher, October 13, 2011, 04:48:08 PM

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Hi all...
Yes I know I spelt Bisquettes wrong.  I hit spell-check and it came up with Banquettes. I didn't catch it, and posted lol. This is a great site with an awesome bunch of people.  I got some good replies and PM's on Banquettes it was all in good fun.  As you know I'm new to the Bradley smoker and smoking period.  As most of you know by now I will be smoking a lot of Salmon.  I like the salmon smoked moist/flakey.  I'm lead to believe we leave the damper partly closed for moist and open for dry. Throughout reading I read to leave the damper open at all times and one person took the damper right off.  So for my next batch I smoke, I'm going to leave the damper wide open and use the same smoke time witch was three hours hoping the salmon doesn't get any dryer.  The reason I express this is because of the creosote or black dripping that drips down from the damper onto the salmon.  I have one idea to put a rake upside-down on top of the top rack with a pan or something on the rack. If someone has any idea's it would be greatly appreciated. The boats are heading out soon for the Dog Fish salmon (Chum Salmon) catch.  Dog salmon or Keta salmon, and is often marketed under the name Silverbrite salmon.  I can't what till the boats come in.

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Yeah, ironic that THIS site's spell checker can't spell Bisquettes!

(I just call them 'pucks' for short)

Ka Honu


I leave damper open on Salmon.  Oh wait, mine is stuck open.  You should not get the black dripping with vent open.  If you do, you need to clean the underside of the vent.

Habanero Smoker

I still adjust my vent. For moist foods, dehydrating and large loads I leave it 3/4 opened. For other foods and lighter loads I will use 1/2 and sometimes 1/4.

Sometimes you will find that even with the vent wide open, on cold days air from the smoker will condense on top of the smoker and around the vent, and may drip back in on the food. If your top rack is empty, you can line it with a couple of layers of cheese cloth and that will catch any drippings from the vent.