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Started by JZ, November 11, 2011, 12:17:02 PM

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Been shuffling my OBS and DBS around a fair bit lately and it seemed to me that they were different weights. I checked the Bradley info on the home page and it states that they both weigh the same.

I weighed the cabinets only and the OBS weighed 19 lbs and the DBS weighed 32 lbs. I am guessing that the newer units have had some weight added to help with heat recovery.

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If I remember correctly the OBS is an aluminum interior and the DBS is stainless. That would certainly account for some of the weight difference.


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One thing you should watch is moisture on the bottom can get into the insulation and might make it heavier.  If you keep them outside they could be taking in water.
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I keep the cab outside but the SG comes in the house. Had the SG for the OBS freeze up on me last year and it wouldn't advance the pucks until I brough it into the house and heated it.

The cabinet is on my deck which is covered and rain doesn't get to it and I have only had the DBS for 11 days now, so I don't think it would have taken on any water yet. Before I bought it I took it out of the box to make sure everything was there, since the box had already been opened and I remember it being heavy. Anyways it seems to recover heat faster than the OBS, which is a good thing.