2011 Bradley Forum Christmas Exchange I Got It Thread

Started by Tenpoint5, November 21, 2011, 06:39:10 PM

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Bradley (Head Office)

Quote from: northof60girl on November 29, 2011, 06:09:51 PM

Thanks very much Brian..you have motivated me to pull the fish out of the freezer and as Larry the Cable Guy would say "get ur done!" 
PS:  Where is your new location as I wouldn't mind swinging by to see the place!  Some homemade chocolate chip cookies coming your way!

Laurie   ;)

That's one of my cats checking things out (Elvis) 
Also notice the winter hat fits nicely over the baseball hat!

Thanks again Brian  :D

Your more than welcome Laurie
Our new address is  8380 River Road, Delta ( corner of River Road & Alexander)
We are still in the process of moving all our equipment over so the place is a little disorganized
Give me a call at the office sometime I will be glad to give you a tour

ps Choclate chip is my fav cookie ;)



At first I was like...Crown?  I hate whiskey but when I realized they were pucks I was excited as I think meat would be great with Crown pucks!  I will be a one women advertising machine for Bradley...hey Brian do you guys need any part-time help?  I think it would be great to work for Bradley part-time (as I already work full time)!




Everything looks great!! Fishing lures huh?? Never heard about any of them before
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Cats seem to be happy with just carboard for christmas, our cat loves cardboard ;D


Hahaha Key...my grandson is probably going to play with the paper more than anything else this Christmas too.   ;D

@ Brian

I will give you a call in the next couple weeks so I can get you those cookies before the holiday! Thanks and looking forward to the tour.  I will need to bring my camera as you know if "there are no pictures...it never happened" lol

Ka Honu


Haha..I would be shocked if that had come out.  Elvis' sister is Priscilla but she wanted nothing to do with the box so no picture of her!   :-[



Great gift Brian,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and Laurie you got some fishin ta do.  ;D

Oh Ya,,,,,,,,,bet I drank a bunch of the whiskey that was in them there barrels that made those pucks.  ::)

Whiskey is my flavor choice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry you dont like it.  :o


Won't work Laurie. I already tried to get work as a beta tester for them but they weren't biting on it. Anyway I got a box too today.

Nicely wrapped (spared no expense!) Even had a bow on the silver one.

Sweet. A bottle of BBQ suace, a injector and a set of steak knifes. You can never have too many knives. ;) ;) ;)

Four stainless steel knifes from Napoleon BBQ accessories. Nice weight and sharp as all get out.

A bottle of D.L. Jardines Texas ranch recipes Killer Barbecue sauce. Just so happens I used the last of my BBQ sauces for dinner tonight.

And also from Napoleon, a heavy duty marinde Injector. I immediately chuck the P.O.S one I had.

This was sent to me by KingRobb one of our newest members having only been on the forum for a month. He has only posted once and someone convinced him to join the gift exchange. Whoever did that is a very wise person, cause I scored good. Thanks Robb and glad you join the exchange.
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My best friend loves Crown too...I'm more of a Captain girl :)) ::)


Nice Colin....that's great that new members are getting involved so soon after joining and it looks like he put a lot of thought into it.....
Nicely done KingRobb!  :D


Is that YOU?  NorthOf60?  You LOOK SouthOf29!!
(Of course, I'm a southern boy, and we're known for our sweet talkin'...)
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