2011 Bradley Forum Christmas Exchange I Got It Thread

Started by Tenpoint5, November 21, 2011, 06:39:10 PM

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A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.


Those are some great gifts so far! Can't believe I missed out this year :(

smoker pete

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Live, ride, eat well and thank God!


Well, between me and the wife, we could not decide on ANYTHING so here are THREE pictures of our Xmas gift:

This ROCKS!!!  Here is what we got:
Conecuh Seasoning for pork, poultry & wild game
Bad Bryons Butt Rub
Corky's BBQ dry rub
Billy Bob's Q BBQ pork rib rub
Howton Farms Gourmet Original All Purpose Rub
Cavender's all purpose Greek seasoning
Hot Snake Shake
Lotta Bull BBQ Bull Buster Steak Seasoning
Charbroil Mystic Marinade
Gun Powder seasoning (this is the only one I have ever tried)
TMB's Own Rub

Yes, the last one gave it away - thanks TMB for the gifts!
I must have been a very good boy this year.
Thanks again Tommy!

Scott and June


I got a package delivered yesterday and was just now able to post it. 

Sorry for the quality of the picture.

I can't wait to try them all out.
Thank you very much Dale "Beefmann".


What a stash!


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A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.


My box I sent should of arrived today.

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Just read a post on the other thread that this box went out yesterday.  Made it from Montana to Dallas in a day!  WOW.

The Box

The Goodies.

Alpine Touch Seasoning - already did a taste test.  I see this being great on a steak and brisket.
Garlic Head BBQ Sauce - tasted as well.  Son and I will love this!
CT and CT BBQ Sauce - Finally I will get to see what everyone raves about
Curry Powder - have some rubs waiting on this as well.

Thanks so much Dave aka Grnhs

Have a very merry Christmas!


My box is just about full.  Hope to get it in the mail tomorrow.


Seemore I hope you and the wife enjoy it all.  ;)
Live, ride, eat well and thank God!


Lot's of really nice gifts y'all, it fun just watching this thread...
Digital Bradley Smoker with Dual probe PID
The Big Easy with Srg grill
MAK 2 Star General
Char Broil gas grill


My turn. I want to THANK Hal4UK for sending a great gift.

Fedex dropped this off sometime Friday.

And here are the goodies:
Soileau's seasoning (I love this stuff and was down to 1/2 bottle)
Riley's cajun seasoning (love cajun, can't wait to try)
Bookers Tavern chilli seasoning (winters coming I will be making chilli)
Trade East Tuscan Rub (Looks and sounds really good I'll be trying this out soon)
Starnes BBQ sauce (I have wanted to try this stuff for a long time!)
Blues Hog BBQ sauce, It says sweet with the right amount of heat. (Need to make some ribs.)
Zillion's Wing sauce, (Unlike my good friend from Ga. I LOVE WINGS!)
A mini bottle of Makers Mark, (I did not know they made these, on the shelf with my other minis.)
And last but not least, a Great Christmas card. Thank You Hal, it will all be put to good use thats for sure. :)
Sorry about the picture quality, I'm not happy with the new camera. Its terrible for close pictures. I have not found a macro setting.  :(