Finding Parts for my discontinued BTIS1 Smoker

Started by bronco, March 06, 2018, 11:18:24 AM

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Hello, I'm hoping there is someone who can guide me to a store or used parts seller that will have parts for my Bradley Smoker.  The lower faceplate cracked into 3+ pieces, so I have no support in the front, and the controller is also loose.

I called Bradley Customer Service, and they said that they stopped manufacturing parts for the BTIS1 smoker a few years after they discontinued the smoker itself.  Does anyone know where I can get a replacement lower face plate?

I even looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling junk smokers for parts, but nothing there either.


Thanks, Bronco


For your cracked plastic parts try using carbon fiber to fix, and for the best bet on other parts use this link.
Bradley 4 rack Digital, 900 watt, Auber PID
Bradley cold smoke adapter
Char-Griller Smoking Pro BBQ Smoker with rotisserie
Brinkman Bullet Smoker
Weber 24"
Custom Hard Cure Cabinet for Salami
One Auber Master Temp monitor and two remotes with probes, up to ten remotes can be used.


Front Feet Modification
Compliments of Love To Smoke & Habanero Smoker

A cracked faceplate appears to be a common defect in the Original Bradley Smoker. If you notice a cracked faceplate, and you are still under warranty notify Bradley to obtain a new one. If this problem is not taken care of, moisture can seep through the crack and cause damage your temperature circuit board. In the mean time, you can seal the crack with a silicon sealer, or duct tape. I believe the one that DAP makes is safe for incidental food contact.

One member believes that this is a design error, and the crack happens due to the stress cause by the weight of meat loaded in the cabinet. He suggested taking the stress off the front of the smoker. The best way is to raise the front of the smoker by about 1/4". Raise the cabinet at a point where the weight will be resting on the bottom of the smoker; behind the feet. Also raising it will help prevent moisture from leaking out of the bottom of the door, and possibly seeping into the area that houses the temperature circuit board.

Using the Bradley replacement rear feet and mounting them in the front, just behind the feet of the face plate is another simple way to accomplish this. This ensures that the weight is off the face plate, you will either have to remove the rubber footing around the front feet that are attached the the face plate, or add a few washers when you install the additional feet. Adding the washers will provide the extra protection, by slightly raising the front.

Also it is suggested that drilling the top center hole of the faceplate one size larger may help. To do this you must remove the faceplate prior to drilling. You do not want to drill through the threaded area, you will still be using the same screw when you reassembly the faceplate.

Materials Need:
(2) Bradley Replacement Rear Feet
(6) 3/16 x 1 Fender Washers (optional)
(2) 10 x 1 Sheet Metal Screws Pan Head*
*If you do not use the washers, then use 10 x 3/4 screws. The head of the screw makes it a snug fit, so use the screw driver to seat and screw it the foot.

#2 Phillips Screwdriver
3/32 inch Drill Bit; or 1/8 inch bit

Using the photo as a guide, drill a pilot hole for each foot There are no wires in those locations. The wires to the front faceplate run directly from center front to center rear. Assemble your feet and attach them to the bottom of the cabinet; and tighten until snug. Do Not Over Tighten; or you will strip the thread in the sheet metal.

Parts needed to add additional feet.

This photo shows where the location of the front feet.

This photo shows the added foot from the side (without washers).

This photo shows the added foot from the side with washers installed.

This photo shows how the washer not only keep the original Bradley feet off the surface, but also rises the front.


This what you looking for? (sorry for the blurry pic.)

If so, PM me with your name and address and I'll send it out to you.

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Gus, do you still have that front faceplate part?

If so, reach out to me. sjpiche at shaw dot ca !!


"It ain't worth missing someone from your past- there is a reason they didn't make it to your future."

"Life is tough, it is even tougher when you are stupid"

Don't curse the storm, learn to dance in the rain.