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Started by afdscott, January 14, 2006, 05:37:10 AM

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This is my first post. I got a BS for christmas, the black one. I have made whole muscle beef jerkey with the High mountain cracked pepper corn and garlic, after making jerkey for 10 years, this is the best jerkey I have ever made, and alot easier. I just finished smoking 3 whole chickens for all my co-worker buds here at the firehouse in Austin Texas. It went over well. I think they are all going to go buy one now. The only problem I had was reaching the 220 on the door thermometer, but all went well. took about 4.5 hours. I am looking forward to trying salmon.

lots of good info on this forum, thanks.

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Congrats afdscott [^]

The door thermometer isn't very accurate, Most of us use a thermometer with a lead on it and/or a remote.

Mind sharing the details on the jerky (ex. temp,time,prep,etc).

You will find lots of knowledgeable/helpful guys here and info. Also check out and
 Have fun!!!

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Welcome to the forum afdscott!

You must have a good set of co-worker buds. The buddies of mine that enjoy my smokin' have no desire to buy their own BS. They just come by my place more often. At least they bring beer!



Welcome to the forum afdscott![^]


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Welcome, Craig!  Glad you like the BS!

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welcome brother afdscott, Keep on Smokin!


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