Started by kdog877, January 22, 2012, 06:25:54 PM

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I am having problems keeping my chicken moist.  I smoked a turkey and a chicken, the Turkey was incredible but the chicken was dry and I had to make chix salad out of it.  Please help


Did you or are you cooking by time. Yard birds need to be done by IT. Most here usually go by a stand alone thermometer like the Maverick et732 (newest model) to keep track of cabinet and food items temps.
You can pick one up at or at

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As Mike pointed out, you should cook chicken by the internal temperature. Whole chicken and dark meat should be taken to 165°F. With whole chicken I measure at the thickest part of the thigh. Breast meat cooked seperately, I only take to 152 - 155°F, but most take that to 165°F also.

You may want to try brining the poultry. If your chicken it not enhanced, meaning that it has not been injected with a brine, you may want to brine it. To determine if you should brine, look for labeling. It the label states at least 5% injected, and that the ingredients list contain salt or phosphates, there is no need to brine. Lately I have been seeing more poultry injected with only water, these can be brined.