230 volt 60hz ?

Started by matrifia, January 24, 2012, 11:36:14 AM

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Found this on the internet, found confusing the 230V 60hz. trying to find 230V 50hz.



Where are you from? 60Hz is standard in North America


Canada, but i have been trying to get a 220vac 50hz smoker to take with me to Europe this summer.


I see, I figured it was a UK thing at some point. There are a few people on this site from the UK maybe you can get one down there. They may be able to advise you.


The BS models in the UK are 220-240V; 50hz which presumably is the same for the rest of Europe.

Whether you can buy a European model in Canada and ship to Europe cheaper than buying on this side of the pond is something I would doubt.

Not sure how the warranty would work either.

It would be interesting to know if the Chinese factory in the link is the one that manufactures for Bradley?

They appear to be offering to manufacture a minimum of 300 units for interested parties... even NePas can't need that many!

Hope it is not another factory copying the Bradley design or using the picture to promote a different product?

Be interesting to know the story behind it.

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I e-mailed the uk and they will not ship to Greece, and the Greeks are to busy with there economy to answer any of my tree e-mails i sent them.
I am thinking at this point getting a regular smoker not digital and adding a pid with a voltage converter


I would suggest getting a Bradley propane smoker then all you have to find is the propane cartridges in Greece. The BPS would be a whole lot more portable than a full size electric unit. You can use the BPS on the beach to do your fresh caught fish
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The one I bought from a UK dealer is 230V 50Hz.  Works fine in Switzerland as we are the same voltage/freq.
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