Bad Element or ????

Started by Sgood, February 09, 2012, 06:10:29 AM

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I am new to the bradley, I only have 2 smokes done on a new DBS. My problem is, I was going to make some jerky this morning and for some reson my cabinet is staying at ambient temp. It did rise about 20 degrees with the smoker plate running but, no more. I tried taking a computer cable and plugging the cabinet in seperate from the smoker (in case something was loose) Still didn't work....

Is there any other testing that can be done to make sure it is the element and not something else? Or is that the likely cause of no heat? As I said this is only the third time of me using the bradley, it is new.... minus about 25hrs.


Sounds Like the element went bad.  Yes if you have a multimeter you can remove the element and check for continuity.  You want to remove at least the one end to make sure you are not getting continuity through the wire itself.  You just want to check the element.  Saying this I do forget what the number should be I wanna say 12 or 13 but I am not 100% sure.  Also somethign elese to consdier, do you have it plugged in directly to a wall outlet or using an extension cord.  It is best to plug it in directly to an outlet. 


Don't have a multimeter, guess being no one else has a better conclusion. I best just order a new element, That is a big dissappointment. 1 element only good for 25 hours of cooking.... >:(


yeah i know the feeling when something goes wrong with the smoker,
check with bradley customer service first before ordering  one
on your own. if its still under warranty i am sure they will hook you up.
excellent customer service in the dealing i had with them.
hope things work out for you
either your in, or your in the f***ing way


Try rubbing the circular disk on the back wall with a ice cube, its the size of a dime. Maybe flick it with your finger, that worked once for me. Welcome to the forum and sorry about your problems.

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Checking for Bad Element with Multimeter

Do you have a neighbor or friend with a multimeter that you could borrow?


Well with a element that is bad they should be open. Which means carry no power. So a simple flashlight battery, a piece of wire and the flash light bulb.

Here is a simple diagram. Kind of mickey mouse but works.

A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.


Went ahead and picked up a cheap analog multimeter, and pulled the element. Zeroed the meter and touched the element and the needle satys at the infinity Ohms, or does not move.

So, defintely a bad element!!! Does this seem to be a contsant and ongoing battle with this smoker? Is that the reason for the mods?

I am at best a just a novice when it comes to smoking (more a griller) and do not wish to put alot of money in this thing. I mean besides the already $500, I paid for it. So to put dual element, a fan, and a PID is not something I wish to do. But, if in the long run, it will save me money, i may just have to.

So what has been your experiences with the element?


Once you get your new element you will be good to go. There was a bad batch of elements but now bradley is sending out the newer improved elements  ;)

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After getting your replacement element from Bradley, you should use the smoker with the one element for a while and get use to it. You may find you don't need to add an additional one.



True. I've had mine for three years with no problems.

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Ordered from yard and pool, I am assuming that they will send the newer element, as well..... Give me an excuse to order some bubba pucks, and a couple more frogmats.

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I get the impresion that you Bradley is fairly new. If it's under warrenty give Bradley a call and they will send you out another element. Even if you have already ordered from Yard and Pool I would give them a call. You can always keep it as a spare or do the dual element mod down the road.


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Yes, it is new.... I have had it 2 weeks. I will give them a call on Monday and see what they say. Wouldn't hurt to have a spare laying around anyway.


WOW!!!!!! Best CS I have received from any company, when it comes to a warranty. I just hope if any other problems arise, they are as fast and helpful as this time. What else could you ask for in a company!!!!