where to buy baby back ribs

Started by xfg7288, January 28, 2006, 10:29:27 PM

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HI!I was just wondering if anyone has ever bought ribs over the internet? Are they worth it? I buy ribs from my local supermarket and they are good but i feel like they could be better.

thank you


I've tried to download good ribs, but not enough space on the hardrive [:D][:o)]

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HaHa.  Try pulling the membrane, you might save a few MB.  

I never heard of buying ribs or other meats from the internet. Ham's sure from Cabelas but that's it.  I do not think I would try it.  I look to look at and feel the ribs to check the even distribution and to check if the cross-ribs are not there and nicely trimmed.

I have gotten ribs at a butcher, cut trimmed and aged slightly.  From a basic supermarket cryovaced.  From a premium market (Whole Foods).  But never one of those pre-backaged pre-marinade jobs.

My experience from the cryovac is ok.  Many times they are a bit tougher and trimming is not great and at many times I got extra fat components or dangling ribs or meats hanging on the rib.  I get these only when there is no other choice and I do not have time to try to the other two markets.  

I have done great with Whole Foods butcher cut baby-backs.  I have gotten baby-backs from one Whole Foods market that did not have the open air butcher and the selection and availability was not as good.  The open air buthcer - larger Whole Foods always had a good supply and excelent cuts.  This is so far my best results.

The local Butcher was good.  I felt I got some good ribs.  At times some were larger and getting some that were consistent (buying more than say 2 racks) was tough.  But they normally have a huge supply.  I would go here if I am doing lots of other items where variety of different cuts, and quality and ages are best.  

Of course I hear some of these other Gormet shops are carying even better items.  For example, there is a shop in Myrtle Beach SC. called the Southern Market that is a Gormet shoppe.  I been in there before and sure, they had some interesting variety of everything.  A bit pricey, but its that Gormet name.  Last fall, my in-laws did buy some fresh cut meats and grilled them.  They rave about them.  I will be down there this June and I will give them a shot.
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Thank you for your info. We just got a new Whole Food store hear in CT i will go and try them next time.


I look at ribs and other cuts of meat at every store I am in. I often buy at super wal-mart and sam's club. If I see them on sale I can usually tell that they are selling fast and that means they are fresh, I guess so any-way.

When it comes to baby back ribs, I am willing to pay a little more and may look at them at a meat market or local grocery when I know the meat manager. I don't hessitate to ask the meat manager at the grocery for the freshest ones he can give me. They usually are ok with that if I am buying a bunch at once and I tell them I am smoking them.

I always open cryovac packs and stick my nose right in as soon as it is open. If it smells bad at all I bring them back. I wont spend this much time on a cut of meat that may not be perfect.

I trim them well and always pull the membrane off the underside of ribs. I believe you can make a less expensive cut better with some detailing.

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