we have a lost member ChefBill

Started by SMOKEHOUSE ROB, April 03, 2006, 05:00:43 PM

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recived an email from ChefBill he did not recive a email on friday for the transfer, he can not log in , he needs help told him i would send out a SOS, can anyone help him,



In the E-Mail you did get in the end of March, did they send you the link to go to.  It was sent out on March 31st.  The address came from [email protected]   If you did not get it, send that id a message.  I am sure they are inundated with messages but maybe.

In the E-Mail on the 31st was the link to activate your account.  There was also a code in case that did not work.  Check your E-Mail again.  See if it was filtered somewhere.

If this does noit work, call Customer Service and eventually ask to talk to Mark (I thinak that ws the PR guys name)  He was online earlir today as want the admins testing as the forum came online.
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Chefbill..use the second code to log on.  The first one listed won't work.

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1st Problem I had was the email sent by bradley went to my spam box.  Once I finally found it, I tried clicking on the link to authenticate my email address.  The link wouldn't work.  I copied and pasted the link onto a new page, and it worked fine.
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This is Bassman,
While your at guys I'm in the same boat.


Bassman did you get my E-mail reply concerning this issue? Let us know.

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Olds, Bassman here
Yes I got your reply. I called Bradley, some girl took my info & said someone will be getting back to me. So far they have not. I sent an e-mail to [email protected] but have not heard back. I have my email thru Verizon and have all junk mail go to a seperate folder. Never got an activation email from Bradley. Not sure what to do. Martin are you out there??



Add "Winemakers" to the list of lost boys, not nearly as much fun as neverland.  No flying, no pixies in skin tight bathing suits.

I emailed info@br~ as others did giving my old login info and email, so we are in the holding pattern as well.  I did not receive an email from bradley and I have searched spam folders/filters thoroughly.  Wish us luck!



man did this site change Hopefully for the better. when are we going to be able to order the digitial smoke Generator ???? HOWs everyone doing ??


You can preorder from Chez right now. ;D



Thanks Martin!


WB Ole man who thinks he is a fish.....  ;D

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