choosing my next mod

Started by DocZ, February 05, 2012, 11:21:57 AM

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Habanero Smoker


With all the projects you do, 10 feet probably looks like 2 feet to you.  :)



I didn't use much either! But I cheated. With the pick of the switch and terminals and the element wiring diagram I simply wired it the same with out getting rid of the slide or running wires forward or plastic work.I wired it as shown and dangled the switch out the back of the cabinet. Didn't even mount it. I wrapped wiring and terminals in good black tape. It's easy to reach if need be and works great! Also so much quicker and easier to me.Welll what do you expect from a red necked Kentucky hillbilly any way? LOL
A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.


Nice job on the 2 blade design.