pucks not advancing

Started by laserdoc, July 04, 2012, 11:51:18 AM

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There are times my pucks will not advance. I have 3 metal pucks on top of the stack but at times the pucks will not advance unless I wiggle the stack around and re press the switch. It seems that it does not drop all the way down for the pusher to push unless I take them out and wiggle the stack around.
I'm sure it is something simple but I'm unsure what it is



Might be as simple as the chute where the pucks go into is not seated all the way down. Push it down and make sure it's seated properly.
Make sure nothing is jammed in there like wood puck chips. Check for loose connections. Check for any binding of the slide that pushes the pucks forward.

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found the posts before me that talked about it and how to take it apart to see if the slide is rubbing. usually the case. I post and then I find somebody already asked the same question ::)