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Re: Da Ribs.... in progress
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They look excellent 4given!  ;)

I like the flavor of sauce but I don't like a whole bunch on my ribs. What I do is dilute some of my favorite sauce with apple juice and sprinkle a little of what ever rub I used. Sometimes I add a little honey or brown sugar as well. This more of a mop than a sauce. I usually apply it a couple of times. It always has just the right amount of sauce flavor for me this way.


That's a good idea!

Ribs look MIGHTY FINE 4given!!! 

but, yeah... 
MrWalleye is tellin' ya good --- another word for a thin/sweet "finishing" sauce is a "glaze".  Call it whatever you want, but leave the thick stuff on the side for those that want it.   A thin mop/glaze/whatever won't "drown out" or "overpower" all that flavor you worked so hard for; it just gives it a slight extra dimension of flavor and maybe adds eye-appeal (makes 'em look juicy).   ;)

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