What I Smoked with My New Bradley

Started by begolf25, February 22, 2006, 12:07:47 AM

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The foodsaver sounds like a great idea.  I had been thinking about getting one since i am sure i will be smoking plenty of food i want to save for later.

Any suggestions on which one to purchase?  Or which one to stay away from?


Great job, Begolf! It looks like you've been using the Bradley for years.



We got a very small foodsaver and its adequate.  Of course I cannot find the model we got.  They got better since then.  

We use it all the time, even used bags with things like Soup, Stew and Pasta Sauce.  Yes, in a bag.  We did this for my sister last year when she was put on bed rest in her last tri-mester, of course my nephew cam early and my mom helped them cook them.  I think we likely froze the liquid then used some paper towels at the very top and it sealed good.  At least I think that is what we did.
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I use a Foodsaver for food storage also. The bags are a little expensive but the machine works well for home use. The new models have a three position switch. They use to be :<u> Cut only</u>, vacuum and seal and extended vacuum and seal. The newer models have:(With a 3-position sealing adjustment switch for: <u>seal only</u>, vacuum and seal, and vacuum and extended seal.)
I think the <u>seal only</u> would be a handy feature. Kohls store had the 800 model on sale for only 69.00 recently (in store) Online shows 99.99. http://www.kohls.com/products/product_page_vanilla0.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=54045151&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=140881477&bmUID=1140701719733

As far as the expense of the bags, I use other storage methods/products for storage when I don't need vacuum storage.
Example: When we smoke cheese, we buy larger size blocks and cut them to size before we smoke. After I smoke them, we usually just wrap in Saran Wrap and store in the refrigerator. These are usually used up within a couple of weeks, and the use of vacuum bags is not needed IMH. If I smoke meat, anything that I plan on freezing I vacuum suck, but if it is something that will be reheated in a couple days, I just store in air tight container etc..

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Welcome and congrats, Begolf!  What an awesome start!

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