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Started by jddhardy, September 30, 2012, 02:23:24 PM

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2 racks of st. Louis style ribs. Usig mix of apple and hickory. I am trying to reach 215 degrees. I have a digial them showing 195 at the top rack. I used the top three racks to put the ribs on.  Trying 321 method. I used rub on one rack. Grill mate rub on half of another then the other half is naked. Planning on wrapping the with a splash of apple juice then throw them back in. I will try to post picks during each step.


So i am concerned about the temp. The dbs shows temp is 234 and i had it set for 250. The digital temp i have shows 198. This probe is jusr slighty above the first rack. What temp gauge should i go with? DBS or my after market one?


I would trust the aftermarket one after what I have read here.
Make sure you are opened at top vent and just let er go. keeping the vent open allows moisture to escape which could cause havoc with case temps.
Your after market is showing 198 .... I would not be worried a bit.  ;)
Another factor could be the temp of the meat when ya throw it in. I like to leave mine rest at room temp for a bit before I throw in the smoker ...... It just stands to reason that if you are doing a smoke with 3 racks the case will get back up to temp a lot quicker if the meat temp is higher.
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I used to try and throw the meat on my Bradley, but I always missed. Don't do that anymore  8)
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Quote from: rexster on September 30, 2012, 04:46:48 PM
I used to try and throw the meat on my Bradley, but I always missed. Don't do that anymore  8)

It does take a Good Arm, Lightning Reflexes and an Eagle Eye  ;)
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The results: I did half of the ribs on the grill. They had three different bbq sauces and one section just dry rub. The rest went back into the dbs for finishing. So I had two different cuts of ribs. One was a full rack that I had to prep the other was already prepped and cut into individual bones. The ones I prepped were much better than the individual ones. The individual ones were more fatty and didnt taste that great. Between being on the grill on finished in the dbs the dbs won hands down. I think i will do a dry rub only then serve sause on the side. Learned a ton making these ribs. I need to find more rubs to experiment with. A good start to my smoking career. Up next pull pork! Time to read up on how to do them. Thanks for all the post concerning ribs you all helped make it a great food night!


For your rub for Ribs, But or anything TRY THIS http://www.susanminor.org/forums/showthread.php?467-Jan-s-Dry-Rub you WILL NOT be disappointed  ;)
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