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Started by CLAREGO, April 06, 2006, 12:55:19 PM

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how about offering just the smoke generator? for the older models !


Dont think thats going to happen but im sure someone here will retro fit them to work.LOL ;D


yeah that would be cool. id downloaded the pdf file it the connectors are different but im sure someone will come up with an idea



        The new digital smoke generator requires a sensor input from the oven,which the older unit does not have. It could be done at home, if it was supplied with the new generator. You would also need a plug on the generator for the input, to make it removable.


I've slightly modified my Bradley by attaching the smoke generator to a large rural mailbox, then taking dryer vent hose (aluminum) to pipe the smoke to the smoker unit.  This way I can cold-smoke foods even when the ambient temperature is over 40 deg F without exceeding 100 F in the smoke chamber.  Of course, I can still put the smoke generator back onto the smoker unit when I want to hot smoke things (like duck and goose..... YUM!).

Will I still be able to do this with the digital smoker?