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Started by Dale D, November 16, 2012, 09:58:14 PM

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Dale D

I am wondering why Bradley does not have a Parts Store for common items that tend to wear out so we can just order them on line as we can order new smokers and grills? This should include things such as the elements, ceramic blocks, plastic trim, door seals, etc. I understand having to contact Support for assistance when the unit is under warranty or we need help figuring out a problem, but when we know what we need then we should be able to order the parts.
The first place I always look for parts from is the manufacturer and I am sure most people do too. Come on Bradley, you are missing out on sales.

Habanero Smoker

I don't know where you live, but you can purchase almost any Bradley replacement part from Yard & Pool


Dale D

Yard and Pool has some parts but not all that can and sometimes do need to be replaced such as the bottom trim for the door hinge or parts for the controller/smoke generator.


Anytime I needed parts I just phoned head office and ordered what I needed. A parts store in every town would not be practical. I get my parts in three days. I live in Ontario and the parts come from British Columbia


Bradley customer service is excellent most of the time, I personally never used it only issue i have is the front slider plate broke a few years back and is now totally  missing,,, I really  don't care if it is there .. i still smoke with out it as for the rest of the  smoker,.. still going  strong and no issues