Any Home Brewers Here ?

Started by oakville smoker, December 25, 2012, 09:39:26 AM

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I've brewed about 6 batches so far. 
Not sure about Canada homebrew stores, but we've got lots of choices in the US. 
If you want to do it for better tasting beer, extract brewing will make great beer, and you don't need a lot of equipment.  If you go whole grain, its a fun, and somewhat expensive hobby. 
Bottling all that beer sucks.  I did 2 batches, and went to Pepsi kegs.  I'll never bottle again. 
I also do 2 batches at the same time--makes better use of setup and cleanup time.  Brewing 2 only takes 1 hour longer than doing one.
Here's what I'd recommend:
Buy extract kits from a place like this:
Light weight 5 gallon stainless pot
6.5-7 gallon fermenting bucket/lid/air lock
Straining bag,
Auto-siphon (well worth the $$)
Star san for sanitizing
Either bottling or keg setup.  Keg is easier, but more cost, plus need a fridge for the keg. 

This, and a few more things, would get you going, and make great beer.  Then decide if you want more stuff as a hobby, or stick to basics for great, but economical homebrew.
Good luck.