Butt Injection

Started by DaveT261, December 30, 2012, 05:58:17 AM

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After reading quite a few posts I have an injection question.  It seems like posts talk about having a hard time keeping a non modified Bradley up to temp.  On my offset I always injected my butts but I am afraid with putting more moisture into the butt will make it cook a lot longer or hinder the full temp needed to be done.  Am I assuming too much without trying one first?I am a newbie on the Bradley


there are a lot of factors that come into play when keeping the bradley up to temperature,  outside temperature,  winds, amount of meat load in the bradley, how much the top vent is open all come into play. Many have injected there meats including butts, and have had no issues myself included , .. go ahead and inject at no more then 15% by weight

Ka Honu

I have a "stock" OBS with all the single element issues (except outside temperature) and almost always inject butts with apple juice or sauce (prefer Carolina Treet when I have it).  Works fine, although I often finish in oven and/or slow cooker after the smoke is laid down.