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Started by bostonsmoker, January 01, 2013, 03:31:22 PM

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I've seen several options of cabinets for the bradley smokers... from purchased ones to custom made. Would be great to start a topic on the different options.
Personally, i haven't found a great option yet. Here's what i'm looking for - any suggestions?
- store outside - so needs a cabinet
- ability to mod it so smoke can escape
- side door or extra wide so i can remove smoke generator for cold smoking
- ability to keep cold smoker assembly below
Any thoughts on what has worked for you?
Thank you.


You may have missed some of the homemade sheds built. There are some awesome Cabinets done. I think the best bet is to build your own.
I like to walk threw life on the path of least resistance. But sometimes the path needs a good kick in the ass.

One Big Easy, plus one in a box.


here is a start, you may want to do yours  with a cold smoker in mind on a shelf below the chamber


beefman: love the cabinet. what kind/model is it? looks like it might be perfect for what i'm looking for.


its a suncrest

and the black and decker base that the smoker sits on,, some just install sheets of plywood for the shelving which is a good idea too

if you  want a  wider unit take a look around at home depot and lows to see what they have, you may find one you  like better, and a bit  wider, also if you add shelving you  can store pucks and other items in the bottom that generally is used with only the smoker. The top vent is a 4 inch drainage T with end caps.. one thing i have found out it is not large enough to exhaust all the smoke so i went to a Battery box on top with the sides cut open and dryer vents to help with the smoke. another option is ducting from the  vent ontop  of the  smoker  out the top and some type of cap.