Author Topic: Temporary Cold Weather Mod  (Read 2415 times)

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Temporary Cold Weather Mod
« on: February 04, 2013, 01:34:03 am »
I am having some trouble keeping the wind from blowing across the top of my smoker.  I have it on my porch in the corner of 2 brick walls, with my wife's fake 6' tall and 3' wide tree with coats over the top of it and it still does not stop the wind so I thought I would try another way.

At work I can get some paper rolls that are 4 1/2" in diameter and 1/2" thick in lengths up to 5 feet.  Would duct taping one of these over the vent stop the wind, and what would be the best length to cut the roll?  I don't think I would want it too long because it may start a chimney draft.  I am open to any suggestions.

This spring I will build a cabinet for it but right now my garage is full of the Mrs's yard sale crap and there is no room to build so this is just a temporary mod.

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Re: Temporary Cold Weather Mod
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 03:07:29 am »
I wouldn't go with something so small in diameter. I would put something like a piece of pipe 6 or 8 inches diameter and maybe 6 inches tall. You don't want to create a chimney effect around it just stop the wind from blowing across the top which draws the smoke out. You really just want to shroud the opening. Once the smoke has exited the tower it can blow away. You can tell by watching the smoke what is happening. If the smoke is pulling straight out and blowing away at a rapid speed you need a taller shroud. If the smoke comes out and just kind of drifts up the shroud before the wind blows it off then it should be fine. Also the wind is your worst enemy for keeping the temp up. If you are in a cold climate and you are having trouble getting the temp up then you need to screen the smoker from the wind. If you are in a warmer area and have no trouble with temps  then all is good.
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