4 Rack Digital

Started by rhodhse, May 01, 2006, 12:02:32 PM

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Got mine Friday.  Thanks Chez for the great service.  Set it up, seasoned and used a maverick to monitor oven temp.  The digital readout on the smoker was virtually on the money, however as expected with nothing in the smoker the temps. did vary quite a bit.  Saturday I loaded up with three racks baby backs and two racks spares.  Smoked 3 hours with Pecan at 220, and then 2 more hours without smoke at 220  and the last one in foil.  The ribs were delectable.  The smoker maintained the oven temp. perfectly to the digital readout matching the maverick and never varied more than a few degrees from the setting.   I didn't think I could find something easier than my old BS, but this new digital is simply awesome.  I realize I have only used it once, but I am on the bandwagon.  No expensive guru required, just desire.


Nice to hear very positive comments on the new digital model, particularly from someone who has also used the old model.  :)