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Gnocchi-great with a meaty chunky stew poured over too
« on: March 17, 2014, 11:58:27 pm »
1kg (1000g) of skin on baked potato, do not wrap in tinfoil.
2 egg yolks
150g of Double 00 white flour. 1-2 tsp of course salt
pepper to taste

I baked the potato in the oven at 350F for 1 hour 20 minutes then cooled completely. The video says to boil the potatoes but I decided to bake them to ensure it wasn't too wet. I peeled off the skin by hand. After the skin came off, I used the fine shredder attachment on my KitchenAid slicer. An actual potato press would work well but I think it would work better if the potatoes were warm.

I did not have Double 00 flour so I used my Magic Bullet to cut it finer for a minute or two.

Mix all in bowl with a very gentle hand. It is not something you knead much, more just roll it around, flatten it a bit then roll into a ball until it becomes a very soft dough. Use a sifter to add a tablespoon of flour or three onto the surface you are working on. The dough will still be quite wet on the inside of the ball.

Slice about a fifth of the ball off and very gently roll into a log and cut into 1 inch long pieces. Do this with the whole ball, a fifth at a time.

Many recipes I read say to boil them then they could be fried. I did not boil. I put them in a medium high heated cast iron frying pan with half olive oil/half butter. Watch carefully. Do not overfill the pan. Watch carefully, they fry to a golden brown very fast. I found it helped to flatten the pieces a bit to make it easier to turn them and fry the other side.

Pour any sauce, gravy or stew over the fried gnocchi that you wish. They will be light and fluffy inside but they are very filling!

This the youtube recipe I got this from. He says to boil potatoes with skin on but many recipes say to keep moisture content to a minimum with the potatoes. A high starch baking potato is best to use. Red potatoes are a no no.