1st Pork Butt Plan - Input Needed

Started by wowooo20, March 18, 2013, 02:17:53 PM

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Quote from: jiggaman on April 22, 2013, 02:13:17 PM
does saucing add to bark eventually?

it has on mine,,, but a  sweet tangy bark


I'll yield to the folks who mop butts as I never have mopped a butt.

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Looks like everyone has chimed in to give you an assist.
I will add that I always do 2 butts at a time and it takes 24-26 hours  so don't rush things, just let 'em get done at their own pace. I do not mop, inject or spray.

** make sure you change your water and don't let the pan dry out. Keep the grease drippings off the V tray to keep the center hole open - I learned the hard way with a small fire when doing butts one time.
You may want to add a pan to catch the drippings or a pan of baked beans underneath the butts to catch the drippings- adds awesome flavor especially if you have cayenne in your rub.
Let us know how it turns out !

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Just my opinion. A but is like a fine wine, I never inject or mop. Just rub with Jan's, and then rub again. Always has a great bark when finished. I have always done my butts on my Brinkman Gourmet Electric smoker's. The water pan is big so I just lift the lid at six hours and add more, I use apple juice in the pan. The element maintains a temp. of 234* my butts are done in 12 to 14 hours. Generally falling off the bone. Your plan sounds great and I am sure you will have great results. I would never foil a butt.
I put them on at 5:00 PM, refill the pan at 10:00 PM, then to bed and pull around 7:00 am. Always perfection.

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