Electric Issue Maybe?

Started by Penny2121, March 20, 2013, 06:50:44 AM

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Hello All!  I just got my first smoker (Bradley 4-rack Digital) last week (March 2013) and just love the look.  But what do I know...I'm new.   :D

Late last week, I did a two hour "season" session.  This morning, I put in two pork butts and set it to 230.  About two hours into it (just loving the smoke smell), I look another look at the digital reading and the unit was off.  Oh no I thought.  When trying to power on the unit, nada.  When I replugged the unit into the wall, it comes on for a second or two with all "8" across the board...then powers off.  My being human...I start thinking lemon.  I call the 866 number on the front of owners manual.  I unplugged all the cables (okay...only three of them) from the unit and plug them back in and it decides now to work.  I'm back to smoking with about 30 minutes lost from a timing perspective.  I'm sure I've lost more than that since the temp when down to about 140 per my digital them.

Has anybody run into this issue before?  I'm not using an extension cord nor did I trip a house fuse.

Thanks Everyone!


If you replugged and all is working fine, then it should be ok. The Bradley is very plug sensitive, especially when new. You always should check the plugs to make sure they are seated well.
Another thing with the digital, you need to rest it it after 9 or so hours. I forget the exact time, but it has a time limit if I am not mistaken. (Someone that owns one will jump in soon).
How big of a butt? I have had 8# butts take as long as 20 hours.
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That does happen occasionally. Just was making a good connection.

Glad you are back up and smoking.

Gus is correct on the reset of time.

You gonna share pics of your smoke?


The max time on a BDS is 9 hours and 40 minutes I'm pretty sure.  After that it will shut itself off.  Sounds like in your case that the connections weren't secure.  You might want to check all of the connections in the smoke generator too.  Unplug and remove the generator from the tower and turn the generator upside down.  Remove the 8 perimeter screws(don't remove the screws in the middle) and open the generator.  Check all of the connections you find.  Reassemble the generator, plug it in and see if it works.  By the way, opening the generator won't void your warranty.

Good luck!


  Sounds to me like a cord not making good contact. Also if on a gfi circuit, that can trip. But you didn't mention resetting that. Keep us updated.
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Thanks for the replies!  So I didn't have another issue...or I guess so of yet.  I have two shoulders in there.  The one of the bottom (larger or the two) finished much sooner when it comes to temp.  Lesson's learned for me.  Need to monitor both and not just the top one via a wireless temp gauge.  I pulled out the bottom one at 205 degrees and let it set for an hour.  The other is at 183 right now.  I'm waiting for that 190 timeframe.

Question:  What color should the pulled pork (interior meat) be at the end of the smoke?  The first shoulder I pulled off has a pink tone.  I was expecting the white/tan color that I normally see.

Thanks All!  The smell is just AWESOME!