4 rack digital ???

Started by just a smokin, February 05, 2018, 12:49:13 PM

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just a smokin

   hey there guys i was wondering what peoples thoughts are ... I already have 3 Bradleys  (the older extinct manual ones with  the slide bar on bottom)anyways time has gone by and am wondering about doing a upgrade to ,maybe some digital 4 racks. i used to have a digital 6 rack just after they came out ... i gave it away , did not like that thing at all . but please i am interested to see what your thoughts are ... thanks in advance Dan


Go with OBS with auber PID

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I have the DBS and put a PID on it, wish I would of save some money and got OBS

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I agree with zueth. Temp control on the bds is not fine enough for sausage. If i could do it again, i would fo with the bradley original and a pid. I ended up putting a pid on my bds anyways. Would have saved some money.


just a smokin

  OK i have another couple of questions for you guys.. what is OBS .. versus DBS... and finally PID(auber i take it is the brand name ) i usually do a lot of jerky ... and salmon .. and then some roasts . you see i also have a traeger too , but the Bradley does a better job with the jerky  and salmon i think.
i thank you all in advance ,as i haven't done this upgrade just yet , but still gonna do it . thanks again for any information .


Ok here we go OBS stands for Original Bradley Smoker - DBS stands for Digital Bradley Smoker. The PID is a brand name and most of use that have done any mod's to the Bradley are using there PID's. I did the mod to my DBS and I'm very happy with it, best thing I have done.
Bradley 4 rack Digital, 900 watt, Auber PID
Bradley cold smoke adapter
Char-Griller Smoking Pro BBQ Smoker with rotisserie
Brinkman Bullet Smoker
Weber 24"
Custom Hard Cure Cabinet for Salami
One Auber Master Temp monitor and two remotes with probes, up to ten remotes can be used.


PID stands for proportional–integral–derivative.  There are many brands of PID controllers, Auber is just one of them and a popular one here on the forum.

Read more about them here:  PID Controller

Here are some more that are used on the forum:

ABT - Atomic Buffalo Turd; stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon.
    a.k.a. - Also known as.
    BB or BBR - Baby Back Ribs; also called Loin Ribs by our Northern Neighbors
    BBQ - Barbecue: Foods cooked low and slow, and often smoked; not to be confused with grilling
    BS - Bradley Smoker: The original Bradley Smoker. More commonly used prior to the digital models were manufactured.
    BSS - Bradley Stainless Steel Smoker: The original Bradley Stainless Steel Smoker. More commonly used prior to the digital models were manufactured.
    BTW - By The Way
    CT - Carolina Treet, brand name for a Carolina style vinegar based cooking and basting sauce that is growing in popularity on the Bradley forum board. It is especially good on chicken and pork. Also depending on the context it is used sometimes to mean Cabinet Temperature or Connecticut.
    CYM or YM - Cheap Yellow Mustard or Yellow Mustard
    DBS or BDS- Digital Bradley Smoker
    D4R - Digital 4 Rack unit
    D6R - Digital 6 rack unit
    EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    FTC - Foil Towel Cooler
        A resting / staging method of wrapping the product in Foil, then and old Towel, and place in a warmed Cooler (no ice). This keeps the product hot and allows flexibility in serving times. Most plan to get the food done early, then use FTC to hold the product until serving time. This method also acts as a passive oven, allowing the meat to cool slowly and evenly, while continuing the break down of connective tissue/collagen.
    ICB - Iron Chef Bradley. Forum food competition that is held on the Bradley Smoking Forum; from time to time. Usually just for bragging rights, but occasionally prizes are donated by various members.
    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IT - Internal Temperature (of meat): The desired "doneness", measured at the thickness area of the meat using an instant read or probe meat thermometer.
    OBS or BOS - Original Bradley Smoker (non digital): More commonly used after the digital models were manufactured.
    OSS - Original Stainless Steel smoker: More commonly used after the digital models were manufactured.
    OT - Oven Temperature (temperature of the oven / tower/cabinet, not meat)
    PID -Proportional, Integral, Derivative
        An electrical temperature control devise used to provide tighter temperature regulation of the smoker - a popular add-on to OBS and DBS.
        Auber Dual & Single Probe Comparison/Guide
    PR or PRIB - Prime Rib
    SRG - the Smoker, Roaster and Grill; an Infrared Smoker, Roaster & Grill by CharBroil.
    SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed. Refers to getting permission from your significant other prior to making any decisions.
    TBE - The Big Easy; an Infrared Turkey Fryer by CharBroil