week old smoker, hot plate dead. Fuse fine. Will taking it apart void warranty?

Started by Scott The Primate, April 24, 2013, 03:13:54 PM

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Scott The Primate

I bought my BTIs1 on Wednesday the 14th. Used it twice in good weather, stored it in the garage after use. Today the tower works, the pucks advance but the hotplate is toast. I don't have a replacement fuse, but I used a multimeter on the original at it tests as good.

I followed the directions to the letter and the troubleshooting suggestions. No luck.

Problem is, today I bought a 12lb brisket for cooking Friday.  >:(

So, as I'm in Canada, I'm guessing it would take weeks to get a replacement part, and their office is not open now for support.

If I open it up to test connections, will this be a problem with the warranty?

Also, what OHMs should the generator element test at when working properly?

Thanks for the help. What a bummer.

~ Ludwig Van Beethoven


Bradley is in Canada so call them tomorrow. Meanwhile did you check to make sure all the plugs are connected (unplug and replug). No is shouldn't void the warranty.
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you may also want to open up the smoke generator and  check all the connections there ,, ,once in a  while one or more  work loose,,,I do not think it is a bad Puck Burner,,, more of a  loose or bad connection

to open the smoke Generator .. disconnect all cables,,, lift off from smoking cabinet  turn upside down and  remove only  the 8 outer screws and none in the middle... open the smoke gently  like a clam shell it  will take a little doing but it  will come apart,,, and looks around for any connections that came apart or seem loose and reattach,,, if not ..  one at a  time take apart  each connector and reconnect ,,, then reassemble the  generator and give it a test run

Scott The Primate

OK, just as an update, in case someone else has this problem and finds this thread, it might help.

I took it apart, checked every connection. All were fine,  then disconnected and checked the continuity and resistance of the puck element itself. It tests at infinite resistance on all scales and zero continuity, so I think that's the problem.

I'm glad to hear Bradley is in Canada, that might make things quicker.

Thanks for the help everyone.

~ Ludwig Van Beethoven