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Started by smokinjoe73, March 20, 2013, 07:59:49 PM

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Hello, want to say thanks for the many pieces of advice i have got from everyone...but here is an important one....
I am going to be putting my smoker down at the boat as i live on it all year round....and i really need a great suggestion how to lock my DBS to the dock because i am sure it wont go unnoticed and someone may think they want it more than me....lol....
any of you handy friends out there have an idea to secure it to a dock so it can not be lifted?

Thanks in advance


I would always take the smoke generator off and lock inside.

A half smoker is not worth taking.


Quote from: classicrockgriller on March 20, 2013, 08:11:01 PM
I would always take the smoke generator off and lock inside.

A half smoker is not worth taking.
Ditto. Take the smoke generator off and keep it inside.

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Quote from: classicrockgriller on March 20, 2013, 08:11:01 PM

A half smoker is not worth taking.
Unless half of yours is broken and that is the half you need.
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Here's a couple of options.

Remove the feet, drill through the dock, and bolt to the dock from underneath using the sockets the feet normally thread into.  This should discourage most people.

Lag screw through the bottom of the smoker into the dock.  Put a hasp and lock on the door so you can store the smoke generator in the smoker and keep the folks who think they deserve your stuff more than you do from getting at the heads on the lag screws.

If you want to leave your smoker generator mounted in the normal position, drill a couple of holes in the edges to the puck chute and bolt a couple of pieces of all thread through the holes.  That'll keep anyone from being able to pull the smoker generator out of the smoker.  A couple of small C clamps would do the same thing, but you'd need to keep and eye on them to make sure they stayed tight.


Get a cabinet or small building and lock the
Door. Mines locked in the garage where i use it. Many ideas on here how people done theirs.

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A few pics from smokes....
Inside setup.


If you live on your boat year round, I'm assuming you have at least one dock box, right?


I'd buy one of them suncast plastic lock boxes you see on docks.  I'd put in there and lock it up.  Better than someone banging into it and messing the door up or worse.  If your dock has others wandering around (with alcoholic beverages) and you leave it out highly likely something will happen...
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