Maximum Run Time?

Started by davidthomas8779, June 16, 2013, 10:04:52 AM

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I have an OBS with an Auber dual probe PID.  After approximately 20 hours of smoking some wonderful pork shoulders, the OBS has stopped producing heat.  I pulled the shoulders and wrapped them in the oven for the hour that I likely need to finish them, but I was wondering if there was a maximum run time on the OBS and can't find any information online?


no there isn't ( at least on the original OBS, not sure on the newer model). You sure you didn't have the PID set to 20 hrs?
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i have the original bradley and there is no time limit on how long it can operate, It  sounds like one of the cables on the back has worked its self  loose, check them first, also check the fuse on the back of the smoker generator, there is also a fuseable link under the back cover of the tower that may have went bad. or the thermocouple on the back wall of the tower may have tripped or went bad ( the thermocouple and fuseable link are linked together) lastly check your heating element , if i remember right from other posts the resistance of the element should be between 28 and 32 ohms.

hope this helps  assuming that you  have power to the smoker and it sounds like you  do